En2ch 1.4.26

En2ch is a browser app for 5ch.net that is the largest Internet forum in Japan
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Rating 4.0/5 Downloads 100,000+ Updated 5/12/2023
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App Version : 1.4.26
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Version Date : 2023-05-12
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Ver.1.4.26<br>- Fix problem that scroll functions don&#39;t work<br>- Try to remove com.google.android.gms:play-services-ads:8.4.0 that Play Console warns about<br><br>Ver.1.4.25<br>- Change directory to store logs<br><br>Ver.1.4.24<br>- Change the API key<br>- Revert modifying User Agent<br><br>Ver.1.4.23<br>- Fix problem that the error dialog isn&#39;t shown after post a message<br><br>Ver.1.4.22<br>- Fix problem that the menu list cannot be loaded<br>- Remove string that is got by System.getProperty(&quot;http.agent&quot;) from User Agent
En2ch Last Versions
En2ch v1.6.7 2023-11-05
En2ch v1.6.6 2023-10-22
En2ch v1.6.5 2023-10-20
En2ch v1.6.2 2023-10-01
En2ch v1.6.1 2023-09-18
En2ch v1.6.0 2023-08-30
En2ch v1.5.4 2023-07-21
En2ch v1.5.2 2023-07-14
En2ch v1.4.26 2023-05-12
En2ch v1.4.25 2023-05-05
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