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Dormi - Baby Monitor 3.4.3

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Rating 4.1/5 Downloads 1,000,000+ Updated 11/7/2020
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App Version : 3.4.3
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Version Date : 2020-11-07
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One of Murphy&#39;s computer laws says: &quot;Every non trivial program has at least one bug&quot;.<br>Well, Dormi is definitely not trivial... 100k lines of code promises a lot happening under the hood. In this release we have fixed 2 extremely rare bugs, and if it weren&#39;t for the law, we would be on the trajectory to reach bug-free very soon.<br><br>In addition, we squeezed the app into 100KB less - apk size is now back to under 5MB! Every byte counts on older devices where the app likely runs in child-mode.
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